S.L. Shelton2.5


Hedged — A Thriller


Hedged, S.L. Shelton's 8th book and his first crime novel, now available for Kindle or in trade paperback.

Chase Grant just said goodbye to his estranged father. He wasn't present as Chase grew into a man, nor as Chase's sister, Chloe, grew into a woman—an absence with expected consequences.

Both siblings have spotted pasts and have difficulties navigating life as many who are abused or abandoned do. There are two constants in their lives — Chloe is a good girl who doesn’t understand what a bad guy looks like, and Chase violently defends her when it gets her in trouble.

With small steps being taken by both Chase and Chloe, events take a violent turn when someone, for some hidden reason tries to kill Chloe. Chase, in protective big brother fashion, begins searching for the who and the why of Chloe's misfortune. His investigation drags him into a twisted and confusing drama involving police, drug cartels, confidential informants and his own job in a medium sized trading firm.

What he discovers might just end up killing everyone involved.